An End-to-End Digital Event

Connecting Attendees for Live Roundtable Discussions

In October 2020, The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hosted their all-digital Spotlight on Public Education to promote fire and safety education. Like many programs going digital, they needed to find a way to connect attendees for small group discussions and foster engagement opportunities. Learn how they leveraged eventcore’s registration, agenda, and meeting solutions to create a successful end-to-end event.

CES Goes Digital

Advantages and Challenges of a Highly Recognized Event

Every year, the hottest ticket in town is for CES. It’s an event that everyone wants to be connected to, making the decision to go virtual for the 2021 event even more noteworthy. The high-profile nature of the program brought unique advantages and challenges that required transparency and collaboration across the entire event team. Learn about eventcore’s experience as the best-in-class registration provider for this historical event.

Donation Based Registration

Supporting Veterans with American Freedom Foundation

The Warriors to the Workforce Summit was a virtual hiring experience hosted by American Freedom Foundation. The program was designed as a free event to help Veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses to explore opportunities in the workforce. Even though it was free, the foundation wanted to provide attendees with an opportunity to donate to one of three organizations that they closely connected with. Learn how the registration provider eventcore was able to help them achieve their goal.

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